Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Window Bling

Time for some Spring Bling.  Just looking out the windows this morning at a winter wonderland.  Nice picture until you pull the shovel out and wonder when your poor hearts gonna give out!  Well to put a positive spin on this pretty ominous day, we needed to pizazz with some color jazz.  Actually when the weather was beautiful, I was inside sewing.  Whats wrong with this picture?

Hopefully these pics paint a brighter day:

I measured my windows and added 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Marked out my fabric with my chalk marker.  Notice I laid this out on the fold.   This fabric was a buck a meter.
This is my lay-out
Four windows = eight pieces.
Wanted to put some coordinating trim.  I also inserted a tassel at the center point. 
I cut strips of a coordinating fabric and sewed them together to insert my welting 
Trim is ready to use.
I put my fabric right sides together with trim and tassel inside. 
Sewed all the layers together!
Turned right side out....and voila!
All three done for the bigger windows.  One left to make for the smaller window. 
I originally stapled my valance to a trim board cut to the width of my window frame.  When I dry fitted into place, I realized that the trim piece was visible....duh!
I covered the trim piece with some fabric. 
I used some double sided tape to hold in place.  I must confess I only used this for one as the fit was tight enough to hold them in place while I tacked them up.

First window.
Second window
Third window.
This is how I installed them.
A look from underneath.
I used two finishing nails to install the valances.
All three big windows done!
Small window complete.
 Well that's my Window Bling!
Hope you are having a great week
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Monday, March 5, 2012

Circle Quilt

I purchased this circle template.  It was expensive!,  so needless to say I will be making lots
of Circle Quilts!

I started cutting circles out of a denim and flannel fabric. 

Sewed right sides together, made a slit in the fabric, and pulled right sides out and pressed. 

Next, you mark all the circles with the template which has the square markings on it. 

Start sewing them!

Sew strips then join the strips together.

Always press! Very important !

TA DONE!!!!!!!

Happy Circles to You!
Until We Meet Again!
Bessy Boo

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