Monday, March 26, 2012

Cutting Board Divider

 We use a lot of cutting boards.  You would think that I love to cook if you look at the tools in the kitchen.  I like it as much as a trip to the dentist.  Always a necessity but a real pain.  Actually, I am lucky enough to have a Cooking Man.  You can probably buy your own on Ebay, but they are not cheap.  Bids happen fast and if you aren't sitting by your computer at the end of the auction, they will slip right through your fingers.  I was lucky!
I do enjoy to build though.  This was a quick little project, but necessary.  Our cutting boards were leaning up against the vent on the microwave. Here's my solution:

Vent area needs circulation.

Cutting board storage area.  I measured height and depth to determine size of divider.

Oak banding to finish off the visible edge of divider.

Get out the household iron

Iron on the edge, sand and stain.

Divider was held in place with long finishing nails.

Insert cutting boards and hurry to Ebay for your own Cooking Man!

Happy Bidding!

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