Friday, November 11, 2011

Copycat Cleaner

Good Morning!  It is November 11th and it is Remembrance Day.  We would like to thank all the men and women who protect us every day, and to all the men and women that have given their lives for Canada.
 This morning I was reading through my blogs as my morning is somewhat longer because of this daylight savings time.  Waking up at 4 am is getting to be somewhat old......but on the high note, my day is longer, which gives me some morning reading time on blogville. And I am able to do a quick post on a homemade cleaner that I found from  Here, but I actually went  to this site to get the recipe...This Is The Recipe I Used.
 Homemade Cleaner
4 Cups Water
7/8 cup brown sugar
1 Large Pineapple carcass
And then I added 2 more cups of water and
3/8 more cup of brown sugar
  We recently had a fresh pineapple so......For people with weak stomachs, PLEASE skip this next part......(((Dug into our compost pail, that was extremely full and smelled a a lot..... and pulled out a very ripe pineapple carcass.)))  OK weak ones....You can read again.  I gathered all the ingredients together and took a picture of course.
I measured my sugar into a gallon glass jar as I didn't have a plastic juice bottle.
Poured my water in to join the sugar. 
I sliced  the pineapple remains and realized I had more than the recipe called for, so I added more sugar and water. 
I covered the jar with some plastic wrap and put an elastic, well actually it's a hairband cause I couldn't fine an elastic in the junk drawer.
I really need to clean and organize my drawers soon.  No blog on that....too embarrassing...and so here we are.....waiting, waiting and waiting.
  In February, I hope to be scrubbing my toilet and watering my plants with this miracle juice.  I will keep you posted.
UPDATE:  November 11th and It is bubbling away!  Fermentation has definitely begun!
Have a clean day!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Beautiful Coast


This week I'll be posting about all the exciting things I've done and seen on the east coast. New Hampshire and Massachusetts. As I'm not in my homeland and therefore cannot talk about anything else, I thought I would take some pictures and blog, instead of sitting in my hotel room being bored at night.
A few fun facts - I am here on a course for work. It is called GPR(ground penetrating radar). The equipment that I have been studying is made by a company called GSSI, their main location being here in Salem, New Hampshire. They and their equipment have been featured on numerous T.V. shows including Bones, and one of Oonga and my favourites, Paranormal State. It's pretty interesting stuff! 
Also, I was so excited to come here in the fall because of how beautiful the trees would be, and man was I right.

Tonight after class we booted it on over to Massachusetts, no-big-deal, it was only about 30 minutes, right to the coast. So there I was, in Newbury, MA, looking at all these gorgeous homes! Was I in heaven. If only we had this kind of thing where we live!! DROOL DROOL DROOL!

Houses like these are the norm, unlike home, where they are far and few between! They are amazing!!   All different colours, different sizes and shapes.

Then to eat... hmm on the coast, FRESH SEAFOOD, I think so! Notice how proud I am of my bib.

Lastly, my artsy photo of some lovely leaves. We don't have these(I don't think). So if anyone can tell me what they are? Probably something very common! HA

Well that's all until next week, stay posted for our wine storage system!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dollar Store Dazzler

Hi Blog World.  I am new to Sisterkins and you can read all about me on the About Us page.  I wanted to share my version of a night light with you.  I bought most of my supplies at the dollar store.  The rest were scrounged and recycled.   I came across these beautiful mesh place mats at the dollar store and I was immediately inspired.

  I needed a night light and knew I had found the perfect covering for my vision . I found the night light fixture at the dollar store too.  The extension cord is one I had in my stash.

 I ran home, well I actually drove home, and quickly hit up my wood supply.  I cut all my pieces and this is what I came up with.

With my trusty glue gun at my side, I went to work

I fit the mesh place mats inside my Japanese inspired lantern and started gluing like a madman.   MADWOMAN     Stay the heck out of the way when I get my glue gun going.  It becomes a lethal weapon.
This is the final lamp ready to go to its new home.

I love the square lines of the lantern.  What do you think?
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Making A Tulip Tree From Leaf Catchers

Remember those leaf catchers we found
for a bargain?  I decided to refurbish an old lamp
that has been using up space in my house.

The lamp never seemed to work so I took it
apart, and ended up not using the top rod.

I purchased tissue paper from the dollar store
and modge podge the tissue onto the leaf catchers.
I actually ran out of modge podge and used white glue, don't do that
the modge podge worked better!

From there i strung them onto a mini light strand.
Took green duct tape, yes duct tape it is not only for men
but we like it too!!! Formed leaves to attach the strands
onto the light set.

Attached the lights onto the pole, yes with
more black duct tape
and presto!  A lamp for my daughters
room.  Kind of funky.

Hope you Have a Great Day
Bessy Boo
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Monday, November 7, 2011

Chai From Scratch

Well today I am going to share my very secret chai recipe.  Please don't tell anyone.........TELL EVERYONE!! But please link back to me if you are going to share and let me know what you thought of my recipe.  
I started experimenting many years back as I found the cost of chai a little STEEP  LOL LOL  GET IT STEEP. (OK a little lame)......anyways,  here is my recipe:

Homemade Chai
1 box of loose black tea Ceylon or Orange Pekoe (about 4 or 5 cups)
6 to 8 cinnamon sticks
1 TBSP  whole cloves
2 TBSP whole black peppercorns
3 whole cardamon pods
1/4 cup star anise
12 whole dried orange slices
1 TBSP ginger powder
First step is to grind each of the spices individually (not the tea).   I have a glass jar on my blender as the spices will scratch a plastic jar blender.  I have also used a cheap coffee grinder for grinding my spices.   I usually start with the cinnamon.  I grind it down to, not as fine as cinnamon powder.

 Of course much of it turns to powder but there are still some small chunkys in there. Put in a large mixing bowl. 
Do each spice the same way and individually.

 Once you have all your spices in the mixing bowl, add the loose tea.  Blend with your hands until it is well mixed.  This is your dry tea blend.

To make a pot of chai, I usually use 1 TBSP per cup of water.
My recipe is for 4 mugs:
In a saucepan, put 4 cups of water with 4 TBSP of chai mix.

  Bring to a boil and let it gently boil for 5 minutes.  Turn heat down and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes.

  Strain the liquid chai.

 In a large mug, mix half the liquid chai with half milk and sweeten to taste.

 You can also use a heaping TBSP of sweetened condensed milk and liquid chai mixed with milk.  Experiment and see what is the best mix for you.  Hope you enjoy this chai as much as I have.

Have a Great Day

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