Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Beautiful Coast


This week I'll be posting about all the exciting things I've done and seen on the east coast. New Hampshire and Massachusetts. As I'm not in my homeland and therefore cannot talk about anything else, I thought I would take some pictures and blog, instead of sitting in my hotel room being bored at night.
A few fun facts - I am here on a course for work. It is called GPR(ground penetrating radar). The equipment that I have been studying is made by a company called GSSI, their main location being here in Salem, New Hampshire. They and their equipment have been featured on numerous T.V. shows including Bones, and one of Oonga and my favourites, Paranormal State. It's pretty interesting stuff! 
Also, I was so excited to come here in the fall because of how beautiful the trees would be, and man was I right.

Tonight after class we booted it on over to Massachusetts, no-big-deal, it was only about 30 minutes, right to the coast. So there I was, in Newbury, MA, looking at all these gorgeous homes! Was I in heaven. If only we had this kind of thing where we live!! DROOL DROOL DROOL!

Houses like these are the norm, unlike home, where they are far and few between! They are amazing!!   All different colours, different sizes and shapes.

Then to eat... hmm on the coast, FRESH SEAFOOD, I think so! Notice how proud I am of my bib.

Lastly, my artsy photo of some lovely leaves. We don't have these(I don't think). So if anyone can tell me what they are? Probably something very common! HA

Well that's all until next week, stay posted for our wine storage system!

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