Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Making A Tulip Tree From Leaf Catchers

Remember those leaf catchers we found
for a bargain?  I decided to refurbish an old lamp
that has been using up space in my house.

The lamp never seemed to work so I took it
apart, and ended up not using the top rod.

I purchased tissue paper from the dollar store
and modge podge the tissue onto the leaf catchers.
I actually ran out of modge podge and used white glue, don't do that
the modge podge worked better!

From there i strung them onto a mini light strand.
Took green duct tape, yes duct tape it is not only for men
but we like it too!!! Formed leaves to attach the strands
onto the light set.

Attached the lights onto the pole, yes with
more black duct tape
and presto!  A lamp for my daughters
room.  Kind of funky.

Hope you Have a Great Day
Bessy Boo
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