Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Vacation / Birthday Gift

I have to make a birthday present
in a pinch!  So here it goes!
I had bought a jelly roll from a department
store last year and never knew what
to do with it!

                                             I sewed 11 strips together, using 1/4 inch seam
                                     allowance. Pressed  seams opened. Then added the quilt batting
                                   and interfacing and went to town quilting it.  Whew!  One bobbin later!
 I sewed up the sides.   I also sewed the
  corners off to make a square bottom.
Next was the liner, and I have to tell you,
the pattern was very hard to understand so I would never
recommend anyone buy the Grids and Grommets IJ805
pattern, look for an easier one. I even went on the
Internet to see if I could get visual help and many other bloggers
said they did not recommend this pattern.
                                                           So this is the beginning of
                                                                           the liner.

The lining is placed with right sides together.  This ensures a finished interior.  You leave a small opening in the side of the liner to pull your bag right side out.

                                                 AND PRESTO!!!
                                                        The inside even has pockets!

                                           I hope she likes it! She can use it on her cruise!

Have an awesome week!
Bessy Boo

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  1. Wow. You girls are sure creative. What a colorful tote bag. Judy