Saturday, March 17, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

So YAY  for us....and of course a big thank you to
 Wendy at Herballistic Garden!

She has chosen our humble little blog for


Gosh, she sure has a lot of faith in us!
Wendy was one of the first blogs that we followed. 
 If we could award her back, she would be one of our choices!

So we have to share seven facts about ourselves and pass the award on to five blogs that we love 
So here we go! no particular order...

Here are seven facts about us.
1.  We love to share our birthdays together.  It's a sister day out and we never miss it!  Why some of  us have been known to call in sick to work, ....ahem.......cause they were really sick!
2.  What happens at girls day out stays at girls day out.
3.  We all like the ultimate bargain.  It's bragging rights for the best deal.
4.Always take the ignition keys from the car when peeing roadside, as sisters like to drive away while you are in your most vulnerable position. (pants down)
5.We all hate cooking!...with a passion 
6. We all love dogs and can milk a goat.... or five and still catch the bus after we have slept in.
7.And lastly, we are crazy Halloween fanatics.  We pick a haunted house every year and have a girls night out and try to scare each other.  In fact we made the local news one year!

Well that's what we are all about!  Girls just wanna have fun!
XOXOXO Sisterkins.


  1. You guys sound like you have so much fun together! Peeing roadside story is funny! And, you all deserve this award sooo much...I've found so many great creative ideas from your blog.
    xo wendy

  2. ps....don't forget to put the award in your sidebar! xo

  3. Thanks so much guys, you have made my Sunday morning. I love your 7 facts, so funny especially the peeing story!

  4. Thanks SOOOO much for passing this award to me.. I sincerely am honored and sooo very thankful.. THANK YOU SO MUCH.. YOU ROCK.. Sooooo exciting.. LOVE your facts.. lol.. ;))) Wishing you an amazing week.. xoxox..

  5. Thank you for the honor, I just signed up for your emails so I can stay conected to you! Blessings,
    Cat Knap