Monday, November 28, 2011

Single Wash Rose Petal Soaps

Here I am again with more glycerin soap ideas.

I thought this was sort of boring when i first saw this
on the Internet until I tried it. It was so easy too.
I bought some cheap silk roses, took them apart
and cut them into petals.

Dipped them in scented glycerin soap.

Arranged them on anything I could recycle or find in my stash
of "One Day I Will Use"!

Now I have gifts to give at Christmas time for Sisterkins!

I hope they will like them.
Have a Great Day!
Bessy Boo

Oh we will Bessy Boo.  These are amazing.  I am very excited for them.....Oonga

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  1. These are freaking amazing. I will make some of these for my Christmas guests. Thanks for sharing. Julia