Monday, November 21, 2011

Copycat Snowmen

Welcome back!  I was so inspired a few days ago when I saw some awesome snowmen by Laurie Furnell Designs.  I immediately downloaded the free gift that Aimee Asher CLICK HERE  generously put out to all blog readers.  I joined her site and am very excited to see all of her wonderful creations.  
Counting all my nieces and nephews on one hand is impossible.  I would need more than four hands.   Christmas can be very challenging, and as I love them all, I like to give them a little something.  This was a life saver as I came across Aimee Ashers' site here.  I bought a case of popcorn and other supplies, and got to work.
plaid scarf

case of popcorn

photo paper (lots)

stretchy gloves
I printed Aimee Ashers snowman freebie onto photo paper.  Trim off the excess at the black lines.   Place the popcorn in the paper, fold it around, and tape the back. 

I cut my plaid scarves into many plaid scarves.  Cut each scarf about 1 1/2 inches wide.

Tie the scarf around the snowman....careful you don't want to choke the little guy.  I put one stretchy glove on my hand and then put the other one on top, so that they get a pair of gloves out of the deal.  This becomes the hat.
Grab some ribbon from your stash and tie the toque.  

I made 32 of them.  A few extra for friends!

Pop on over to her site, and become a friend, cuz that's just polite, and sign up for her freebie and maybe have a browse through her designs.  I am headed back there right now!
Have a Great Day

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  1. So cute, a project I will have to try.

  2. You've been featured on Serenity Saturday!!!

    The post will be published on Saturday morning

    Natasha xx

  3. card stock would work great too, and i don't think it's as expensive as photo paper! brown kraft paper would make them reindeers!

  4. Seriously cute! What a great present for all those 'last minute' people

    Thank-you so much for joining up to our Pin'Inspiration Thursday Party. You have helped to make it a real success!

    Happy follower, would love if you popped by and grabbed a button :-)

  5. how cute is that & USABLE too! nice idea - thanks so much for sharing! Would love to have you swing by for a visit sometime!