Friday, October 14, 2011

Well off to the big city for a bit of retail therapy.   Yes, I made out pretty good. I found some wire thingys for making thingys for Christmas, Ahhhhhh Yes!   You wait until you see these thingys in all there glory.  These were 25 cents each.

  They are actually for preventing leaves from going in your downspouts.  But if you turn them over, they look like flowers or candle holders. 

The reuse store is an amazing plethora of goodness. I scored some chalk for snapping chalk lines.  $2.00 per jug. 

Ah yes, 20 pounds, one can never have too much chalk.

Our land will be straight to the world after I get done ensuring all the dirt and gravel is lined up perfectly. I also found these Stanley chalk lines which will be stocking stuffers for my son and son in-law.  They were $4.00 each.

Of course each one will go with a jug of chalk.   Lifetime supply is what I say.  Hmmmmm, do I need to make bigger stockings to house the giant chalk bottles?
Have a great day!

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