Friday, November 4, 2011

Christmas Ideas With Homemade Chai

Join me Monday for my secret Chai Recipe

This is an awesome gift for family, friends, teachers, or anyone that needs a Christmas gift.
 I put dry mix in a babyfood jar.   Next step is to glue some Christmas fabric on the lid. 
You can embellish it with anything you have.
 Print the directions on an address label and adhere to the jar.

The dollar store is an awesome place to find mugs, snacks and Christmas trinkets.  Baskets can also be found at the dollar store, or you can head to the second hand stores and load up on beautiful baskets and whatever other deals you find, cause it's always worth a look.

Fill  your basket with chai, mugs and treats.  I usually line my basket with a Christmas tea towel.    You can wrap the basket in cellophane and ribbon.  This is a wonderful gift and much more economical than buying premade gift baskets, which contain lots of fluff but no heart.

Have a Great Day!

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