Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Key Rack

Keys KEYS.....where are my keys????? Sound familiar?  It sure is a common sound here.  Mostly me.  Hopefully I have come up with a solution......well if I put my keys on it when I come home.....that's the solution.  Anyways, I actually saw this on a great blog:
 and instantly fell in love with it.  I knew if I had one, that I would never yell "Keys" again.  They would always be there because something so beautiful would put my keys in a trance, and they would be drawn to the hook.  Yes!  That sounds right.  So I went to my scrap wood again, and found some OSB.   Man I am going to run out of scraps with  all these scrap blogs..  I snuck outside cuz hubby was sick and I felt bad for leaving him in the house alone...... and started to cut up some wood.

 I fired up the sander and sanded and sanded and sanded.  I got my trusty glue and clamps and went to work.  

Back into the house and hubby didn't even know I was gone.  Sleep is a powerful thing.  I laid out my plastic and painted it pretty with some homemade chalk paint  CLICK HERE for the tutorial... I think I put on 3 coats.  This picture shows the first coat.

  I let it dry for about 1 hour and then quietly tiptoed out to the shop again.
  I sanded the edges......OH busted....Hubby came out to see what I was up to.....Poor guy.

  Back into the house for us.  I used my antique medium that I don't really care for and some carnauba wax.  I didn`t really mind it this time, but I think I will still get some burnt umber oil paint for next time.  Next step was to gather up my key supplies.  I have been thinking about this for about  months, so I was on the hunt.   I found my first prey at Michael's;  the keys.  They only had three left so I bought them all.  They were $1.50 each.  I attached them with epoxy.

 I printed some numbers from my word program on the computer and cut them out.

  I glued them onto the back of some tags I found at the dollar store. I used four packages " $1.00 each.

  The cup hooks were purchased at Home Depot and cost $3.60 for all.   I had to paint them cuz the brass was too shiny.  

 That was my total cost.  $12.10  The wood was scrap and the wax and paint were from other projects.   I assembled everything

 and this is what I ended up with.  I am pretty happy with it, although it was very different from my inspiration key rack .   I found a stud in the  haha... a wooden stud and measured and screwed  my new key holder to the wall.    Lets see if it works and puts my keys into a deep trance.

 I am going to attach 2 more keys to the top....when I find them.....AAAHHHH ALWAYS LOOKING FOR MY KEYS.
Have an awesome day!

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