Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Straight (Round and about as possible and in many words) to the Point

Hi all,
My second blog post is a little more exciting for me than for anyone else, but I am too excited not to share it with you.
So yesterday I took the day off and Oonga was going to come into the big city for Halloween trickery, scary movie watching, and to visit me!
As it turned out, we like shopping too much to stay at home. We made our way to the local Value Village and begun the hunt for the find of the day.
The background story: For my Birthday back in September, Oonga gave me cash to get a new beauty tool. I have been searching for the perfect one ever since. We as sisterkins have a long standing obsession with making our curls and kinks go bye-bye.(I remember being one with my iron, yes IRON.)
Let me put this in a little more perspective for you.
One of these puppies brand new runs around 200 buckeroos. I got mine for the low low price of $7.99.
New to me!
Ta Dum!

Have a good day!

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